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How It Works

  1. A list of toons for each team is culled from the Convert To Raid Raid Team Builder tool.
  2. We loop through the list of teams, and gather progression data for each toon using the API.
  3. Using that toon data, progression for the team is built using the last-killed time for each boss in the current raid tier. For each boss, if five or more toons have the same last-killed time, then that kill is considered a progression kill for the team as a whole.
  4. This progression data is regenerated every morning at 2AM Arizona time. Prior progression for a team is never erased, only updated, so a team will never go backwards in progression.
  5. Teams are ordered on the display page using the following order: M HC > H HC > N HC. In the case of ties, the groups are listed in alphabetical order

If errors are found in the way that progression is calculated, your team has incorrect information displayed, or for any other questions on how this works, contact Tamen on Aerie Peak or @tamenctr on Twitter.

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This is a community project from the Threat Level Midnight raid group in the Convert to Raid family of guilds - Aerie Peak(US) and is not directly affiliated with the Convert to Raid podcast or Signals Media.